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The following is a textlog from #YotsubaSociety IRC room at rizon at 3/13/2013, featuring two Russian channers “antithesis” and “wakabaka” giving us an introduction into the history of the Russian chanverse. The textlog also includes some things that I did not knew about: Such as the true admin of the original Russian 2-ch.ru before it was closed down without warning. So here’s our full textlog.

(7:44:30 AM) antithesis [~anti@Rizon-61EEEBB1.ip.telfort.nl] entered the room. (7:44:49 AM) antithesis: Hello (7:44:53 AM) antithesis: hi frank_usrs (7:45:05 AM) antithesis: hi Annex (7:45:11 AM) Annex: hello (7:45:56 AM) antithesis: What’s up? (7:46:12 AM) Annex: nm (7:46:20 AM) Annex: just installed rockbox on my sansa clip zip (7:56:27 AM) antithesis left the room (quit: Quit: o/). (8:15:24 AM) Kazisho left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds). (8:49:25 AM) Kazisho [~milkshake@swamps.of.eternal.dirt] entered the room. (8:53:43 AM) Tanami is now known as Timeout (9:44:55 AM) wakabaka [~faggot@6E7E9235.2E39B1F8.1856944A.IP] entered the room. (9:45:05 AM) wakabaka: so (9:45:16 AM) wakabaka: Jkid: it was you, wasn’t it? (9:59:00 AM) sparky4: wakabaka: ^^ (11:14:17 AM) Jkid: wakabaka yes (11:17:57 AM) wakabaka: Jkid: about that presentation (11:18:00 AM) wakabaka: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qX9ecYuHMKI (11:18:07 AM) wakabaka: Jkid: why would you do this? (11:18:38 AM) wakabaka: Talking about something you don’t know a shit about. (11:19:40 AM) wakabaka: You resemble me moscowian officials who think they’re into city planning. (11:19:57 AM) wakabaka: Is there a traffic jam? Let’s remove the traffic lights! (11:20:18 AM) wakabaka: Talking shit without digging into the problem at all. (11:21:02 AM) wakabaka: Especially, the part about russian imageboards, that’s what fucking made me scream internally. (11:21:49 AM) wakabaka: Explain your irresponsible actions or ask your questions. (11:23:30 AM) wakabaka: Yes, I am serious because you’ve brought that matter somewhere IRL. Even though there were only 2 (two) listeners. (11:24:44 AM) Jkid: Well because I did two previous panels, and I thought I wanted to add something about russian chans. I know my presentation issues are not up to snuff (11:25:17 AM) wakabaka: > I wanted to add something about russian chans. (11:25:23 AM) wakabaka: Why didn’t you ask sparky4? (11:26:51 AM) Jkid: I did not knew sparky4 is that knowledgeable about russian chans (11:27:06 AM) wakabaka: She’s maybe not, but I am. (11:27:15 AM) wakabaka: sparky4 connects you to me (11:27:18 AM) wakabaka: I explain shit (11:27:21 AM) wakabaka: whatever (11:29:01 AM) wakabaka: Not because of subject, but because of your approach to it. (11:30:32 AM) Jkid: ok… (11:31:33 AM) Annex: oh boy (11:31:45 AM) wakabaka: Annex: what’s your problem? (11:31:50 AM) Annex: nothing (11:32:00 AM) wakabaka: You wanna talk about it? (11:32:35 AM) wakabaka: Noone wants to talk about their problems with me. (11:32:44 AM) wakabaka: I am a bad psychoterpist. (11:32:55 AM) wakabaka: Minding the fact I actually am not. (11:33:12 AM) wakabaka: Not a psychoterapist at all. (11:33:30 AM) Annex: i would never be able to do a panel (11:33:32 AM) Annex: ugh (11:34:21 AM) wakabaka: Everyone is able to do it, actually. If he can speak of course. (11:34:50 AM) wakabaka: I don’t include “she” because women can barely do panels in their kitchens. (11:35:22 AM) wakabaka: Bljad, I am talking too much. (11:35:32 AM) Annex: i’d probably pee my pants (11:36:15 AM) wakabaka: If you need any information on russian imageboard society (excluding sosach, which is not actually an imageboard), contact me. (11:36:29 AM) wakabaka: (or something like that) (11:36:30 AM) Jkid: ok (11:36:41 AM) Jkid: when you mean sosach you mean 2ch.hk? (11:36:46 AM) wakabaka: I do (11:37:54 AM) wakabaka: Also you’ve already got one sosacher on your team, haven’t you? (11:37:59 AM) Annex: 2ch.hk isn’t an imageboard? (11:40:49 AM) wakabaka: Annex: technically, it is. And technically only. (11:41:35 AM) wakabaka: Technically imageboard is a forum where you post images. (11:41:58 AM) wakabaka: So you have an image board. Now merge it with social network. (11:42:24 AM) wakabaka: Result == sosach. (11:42:50 AM) wakabaka: russian socil network (11:43:03 AM) wakabaka: It is several times more stupid than facebook. (11:51:58 AM) wakabaka: Let me tell you the history of ruaib. (11:53:10 AM) wakabaka: The first one was 2ch.ru, modelled after 4chan and futaba, and firstly introduced to ru_anime community in the feburuary of 2006. (11:53:54 AM) wakabaka: Domain 2ch.ru was created at 2006.02.09, according to whois. (11:54:27 AM) wakabaka: It was populated by otakus and animufags at first. (11:55:33 AM) wakabaka: Then, when new threads were rarely started and existing were having around 2000 posts, someone disliked it and wiped /b/ with nigras (homosexual niggers), because of no captcha. (11:56:59 AM) wakabaka: To wipe is to create as many threads simultaneously, as board can hold. Old threads are getting deleted at once. (11:57:00 AM) antithesis [~anti@Rizon-61EEEBB1.ip.telfort.nl] entered the room. (11:57:21 AM) wakabaka: Then you optionally delete your wipe threads to make the board empty. (11:58:34 AM) wakabaka: Shortly after that, the captcha was established. That made the 24/7 wipe stop for a while. (11:59:14 AM) antithesis: wakabaka wwww (12:00:06 PM) wakabaka: Nigrowipe affected 2ch.ru/b/’s audience, they started collecting nigras all over teh internets. (12:03:27 PM) wakabaka: The latest nigropack (suffix -pack from package) is 6.0 and you can download it somewhere (lost the link). (12:03:35 PM) wakabaka: nigrapack (12:04:30 PM) wakabaka: So, posting nigras, guro and feces became something usual. Many anons left after the first nigrawipe, note that. (12:05:31 PM) wakabaka: In 2007, iichan.ru was forked from 2ch.ru and was announced like “2ch without nigras and feces”. (12:06:07 PM) wakabaka: Then, it really was it. Only a few posters were banned, shock-content was lazily removed. (12:07:25 PM) wakabaka: A little bit later, the domain lurkmore.ru was registered. /lm/ had existed even earlier, IIRC, on the lurkmoar.ru domain. (12:08:19 PM) wakabaka: In 2008, lurkmore was advertised on bash.org.ru (bash.org clone, very popular back then). A lot of newcomers started flooding 2ch.ru. (12:10:17 PM) wakabaka: Anyway, the first half of 2008 was peaceful and quiet: orikon was created, something was been stealed from 4chan, and then stealed by upyachka.ru (another popular resource, won’t explain its role here). (12:10:55 PM) wakabaka: The summer, and then the last half were like they say “rolling into shit”. Extremely fast rolling. (12:16:59 PM) wakabaka: Lots of forces (forced memes), deanons (deanonymizing someone is considered to be something lulzy) and baitings. (12:19:13 PM) wakabaka: In the very beginning of 2009, someone called Artem Zhirkov created 02ch.ru (aka mentach, musorach (ment, musor (trash) == milicent ≈ policeman)) and advertised it on 2ch.ru extremely actively. (12:20:13 PM) wakabaka: And then, as of 17th January of 2009, 2ch.ru (dvach) died. It has not been revived since then. (12:20:19 PM) antithesis: Wait wakabaka now you’re helping him with content for his site? I thought you hated him? (12:20:36 PM) wakabaka: antithesis: I hated what he’d done. (12:20:46 PM) Jkid: 2ch.ru died suddenly because zoi did not want to deal with the persistant spam and cp. He simply had enough (12:21:02 PM) wakabaka: I reply to people’s posts or actions, not to people themselves, FYI. (12:21:06 PM) wakabaka: Jkid: correct (12:21:14 PM) antithesis: wakabaka I think you should write a book about the chan world (12:21:19 PM) wakabaka: antithesis: no (12:21:20 PM) Annex: pls do it (12:21:23 PM) antithesis: w (12:21:37 PM) wakabaka: Jkid: but that wasn’t zoi, it was Vikenty Y. Fesunov. (12:23:22 PM) wakabaka: They both (zoi, kentturbo) are from ru_anime, and zoi helped with hosting/domain at first, administrator and late hoster was kentturbo (Vikentiy, pronounced vee-ken-teey). (12:23:45 PM) antithesis: How can you even deanon someone in the first place? (12:24:05 PM) wakabaka: antithesis: if he left enough data on the internet (12:24:05 PM) Jkid: Vikenty Y. Fesunov? (12:24:10 PM) wakabaka: Jkid: yes (12:24:18 PM) Jkid: Who was Vikenty? (12:24:27 PM) antithesis: Oh, that’s called doxxing wakabaka (12:24:30 PM) wakabaka: Jkid: administrator and hoster (12:25:10 PM) Jkid: Why did Vinkety killed 2ch.ru in the first place? (12:25:33 PM) wakabaka: http://lurkmore.so/images/thumb/a/a4/%D0%92%D0%B8%D0%BA%D0%B5%D0%BD%D1%82%D0%B8%D0%B9%D0%A4%D0%B5%D1%81%D1%83%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%B2.jpg/180px-%D0%92%D0%B8%D0%BA%D0%B5%D0%BD%D1%82%D0%B8%D0%B9%D0%A4%D0%B5%D1%81%D1%83%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%B2.jpg (12:25:38 PM) wakabaka: http://lurkmore.so/images/b/ba/Fesunov.jpg (12:25:46 PM) wakabaka: Because he was tired. (12:26:15 PM) wakabaka: Lately, CP-threads were alive for up to 7 hours before he noticed them. (12:26:43 PM) Jkid: Then why did the shutdown was incorrectly mentioned to Zoi instead of Vikenty/kentturbo (12:26:46 PM) wakabaka: You delete them, you even ban CP posters, CP threads are being created again when you’re asleep/afk/whatever. (12:27:08 PM) wakabaka: Jkid: because the “zoi” nickname stuck to admin. (12:27:58 PM) wakabaka: Users called him Zoi. (12:28:09 PM) wakabaka: Zoi, saw it in! (12:28:12 PM) wakabaka: Zoi, make it! (12:28:16 PM) wakabaka: Zoi, do it! (12:28:22 PM) wakabaka: Zoi, delete it! (12:28:29 PM) wakabaka: Zoi, respond! (12:28:30 PM) wakabaka: etc. (12:28:35 PM) Jkid: So Zoi was the public face (12:29:22 PM) wakabaka: hmm, only “face” as in part of head: http://lurkmore.so/images/a/a7/Zoi.jpg (12:29:46 PM) wakabaka: Actual Zoi had no relation to what was going on. (12:31:03 PM) wakabaka: Now “zoi” and “internets creator” are kinda synonimous. (12:31:35 PM) wakabaka: Well, not now, but back then they were. (12:31:55 PM) wakabaka: Alright, let me continue with after-dvach period. (12:34:01 PM) antithesis: zoi sosnooley (12:34:12 PM) wakabaka: Three major russian boards have taken thousands of angry schoolboys. Mentach (02ch) had school/b/oys, IIchan had otakus and animufags, and nullchan (nullchan.ath.cx, 0chan.ru) had the rest. (12:34:16 PM) wakabaka: antithesis: sosnool (12:34:32 PM) antithesis: You told me it’s sosnooley yourself (12:34:33 PM) wakabaka: antithesis: in russian, verbs also have singular and plural forms (12:34:50 PM) antithesis: ah (12:34:55 PM) wakabaka: They sosnooley (12:34:58 PM) wakabaka: He sosnool (12:35:01 PM) wakabaka: She sosnoolah (12:35:07 PM) wakabaka: It sosnoolou (12:36:17 PM) antithesis: waka sosnoolaka (12:36:40 PM) wakabaka: ω====э (´•ω•` ) (12:37:36 PM) antithesis: Why does he have balls for a nose? (12:41:46 PM) antithesis: Jkid can I be part of your society? (12:41:59 PM) Annex: sweecwet swocietwy (12:42:44 PM) Jkid: http://www.yotsubasociety.org/Join_us (12:45:18 PM) wakabaka: Okay, next. IIchan’s admin, called Mod-tan, quickly realized that iichan’s /b/ is getting covered in feces in no time and set redirect from iichan.ru/b/ to 0chan.ru/b/ (12:46:37 PM) wakabaka: Mentach was active around one month and a half, but then schoolars realized they cannot create anything decent themselves and started moving to 0chan. (12:46:56 PM) wakabaka: So, nullchan took the majority of 2chers then. (12:48:47 PM) antithesis: wakabaka you should also mention the important part that 9chan.info has played in chan history (12:48:49 PM) wakabaka: As of 13th February of 2009, there was massive DDoS’es of ruchans and upyachka. Both sides were down, thousands of proxies and hundreds of LOICs fired here and there. (12:49:03 PM) wakabaka: antithesis: not in russian chan history, you faggot (12:49:26 PM) antithesis: It is the most important site (12:50:16 PM) wakabaka: That became history udner the title “The war of Friday, the 13th” and contributed to some 2-3kb copypastas. Also lulz. (12:52:38 PM) wakabaka: Then, there was the most epic (and the last massive) nullchan’s IRL power showdown, when someone threw into its /b/ the news about Lida Ochkovskaya (Lee-dah Och-kov-skuh-yah) died because of her classmates and math teacher. (12:53:23 PM) wakabaka: She was a 15-year-old actress, played various musical instruments, sung and whatever else. (12:53:43 PM) wakabaka: Her classmates and math teacher bullied her so she took some pills and died. (12:53:56 PM) wakabaka: It was a 10-thread-long drama. (12:54:11 PM) wakabaka: It resulted in firing that teacher and lulz. (12:57:01 PM) wakabaka: In early 2009 there were also hopes for 2ch to resurect and several attempts to make a board with 2ch design (2ch-ng.ru, 2x2ch.ru, etc.) but they all failed. (12:58:32 PM) wakabaka: Also, somewhere in March of the same year, on nullchan were threads about board’s mascot. Artists (those who not left for iichan) submitted their madskillzes (mdskillz is singular here) and the shits were boiling. (12:59:42 PM) wakabaka: Three variants (Null-tan (later Null-sama), Bydlo-tan (later Null-tan) and Null-cat (that green cat with an eyepatch)) became mascots. All three of them at once, yes.\ (1:00:48 PM) antithesis left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection). (1:01:57 PM) wakabaka: Then, in April, one faggot managed to “resurrect 2ch”: 2-ch.ru (dva-ch, dvatirech (dvuh-tee-ratch) or just tirech (tee-ratch)). (1:02:55 PM) wakabaka: It had the original 2ch.ru design. At first, That Atmosphere™ was there, and it delivered by its creepy-threads. (1:03:24 PM) wakabaka: Soon, Creepy-tan was drawn and became a tirech’s mascot. (1:04:11 PM) wakabaka: Schoolars, seeing That Design™, began moving from nullchan to tirech. (1:04:34 PM) wakabaka: That time, mentach died. (1:05:39 PM) wakabaka: At nullchan, dollfuckers (people who created and chatted inside Official™ Rozen Maiden Threads) activized and quickly became a hatred object. (1:06:09 PM) wakabaka: There were whole-board wipes, tons of SAGE, nigras, guro and feces. (1:07:37 PM) wakabaka: And downtimes. At first, EFG (epicfailguy, aka loladmin — nullchan’s admin) hosted 0chan under his bed. His internets were not fast enough to hold lots of users, so downtimes were something usual. (1:07:47 PM) Jkid: Why the term dollfuckers for Rozen Maiden? (1:08:09 PM) wakabaka: Jkid: historical and language reasons (1:08:22 PM) wakabaka: You say, for example, animufag (suffix -fag) (1:08:45 PM) wakabaka: In russian, you can say анимуфаг (suffix -fag) or анимуёб (suffix -fucker). (1:09:06 PM) wakabaka: So, Rozen Maiden is about dolls, isn’t it? (1:09:48 PM) Jkid: yes (1:09:50 PM) wakabaka: Users joked about it, saying that admin plays Crusis (crysis) on the server. (1:10:50 PM) wakabaka: During those downtimes, users partially moved to dobrochan (dobro == good), and partially to iichan. (1:11:06 PM) wakabaka: Iichan's administration didn't like the newcomers and banned them all. (1:11:32 PM) wakabaka: Dobrochan's admin, oppositely, felt okay with it. (1:13:45 PM) wakabaka: Numerous forces were there on nullchan then. Flat Eric (SHUT UP AND SUCK MY PLUSHY DICK), Ulyulyukyukee! (>>> shitstream.ru), Slavich (a parrot and a forced meme as well). (1:14:25 PM) wakabaka: And lots of other shit I don't remember well. (1:15:46 PM) wakabaka: Then, by summer of 2009, nullchan's mod (verified) posted a photo of some girl with a phrase "I FUCK WITH HER". (1:15:56 PM) wakabaka: And was banned in a couple of minutes. (1:16:03 PM) wakabaka: The shitstorm began. (1:16:55 PM) wakabaka: In that thread, tens of users were banned for phrazes like "Admin's mother is a railway station's whore, fucked by all bums" (1:17:09 PM) wakabaka: The same day, dollfuckers were banned. (1:17:49 PM) wakabaka: /b/ became the real delirium. Noone understood what was going on. Many anons moved to tirech. (1:18:23 PM) wakabaka: (/b/ — Бред, «Бред» is literally «delirium») (1:20:09 PM) wakabaka: Then, tirech's admin had an interview with "Good News", the dobrochan's newspaper's correspondent and it was like he preferred to call his board "dva-ch", but didn-t mind "dvatirech". (1:20:50 PM) wakabaka: In a matter of one month, he established a wordfilter, which was replacing the word "тиреч" with "двач". (1:21:16 PM) wakabaka: A little bit later he (or his mods) started banning users for saying "тиреч". (1:21:48 PM) wakabaka: And, in September of 2009, tirech went down. (1:23:35 PM) wakabaka: Just before that there was a huge drama on nullchan. (1:23:59 PM) wakabaka: Somebody's got login/password for upyachka's bunker and posted it. (1:24:20 PM) wakabaka: Upyachka's admins gone radical, most users didn't like it. (1:24:57 PM) wakabaka: Screenshots, logins and passwords, lulz and torn butts. (1:25:21 PM) wakabaka: Upyachka was closed in just three or four days. (1:26:28 PM) wakabaka: Then, when in September tirech was disconnected from outer world, someone set up a board called "Novomentach" (prefix Novo- means new), 02-ch.ru (note the hyphen). (1:26:57 PM) wakabaka: Unlike tirech's admin, 02-ch's admin didn't mind any offensive names of his board. (1:27:50 PM) wakabaka: Tirech was online in two weeks or two months (don't remember), and soon after that novomentach lost its domain name and was closed. (1:28:00 PM) wakabaka: During its existance, it was cozy. (1:34:57 PM) Jkid: That's a great summary (1:35:25 PM) Jkid: is tirech and sosach one of the same or two seperate imageboards sites (1:38:06 PM) wakabaka: Jkid: I didn't finished yet. (1:38:30 PM) wakabaka: The fall of 2009 was full of win. Drawhores, well known westwards (4chan), were something new to russian boards. (1:39:42 PM) wakabaka: Their threads weren't like "I'm your new drawhore, make your requests", but themed draw-threads (OP suggests canvas with somethinng on it). (1:40:24 PM) wakabaka: Draw-threads are called risovaches (ree-soh-vuch) (rus. v. рисовать — ree-soh-vut') (1:43:01 PM) wakabaka: The end of 2009 was an epic win: Vladimir Turchinsky (famous russian actor) died which caused drama, photozhabas (photoshopped images), lulz and DDoS of tirech. (1:44:47 PM) wakabaka: Before that, because of fake deanon of tirech's admin, he was started being called "Vitalik". (1:45:13 PM) wakabaka: Massive bans for "Vitalik", of course. (1:45:30 PM) wakabaka: Soon, it became "Pedalik" — pedal + vitalik. (1:45:40 PM) wakabaka: And another wave of bans. (1:46:44 PM) wakabaka: Pedalik started to recruit moderators, who became known under the name "Pedalnaya brigada" (the pedal brigade). (1:47:05 PM) wakabaka: They used to treat their users like shit. (1:48:37 PM) wakabaka: They made a wiki, wiki.2-ch.ru, where they explained, that Pedalik is a common name for imageboard's admin. (1:48:40 PM) wakabaka: lol (1:49:25 PM) wakabaka: In March of 2010, they wiped many 0chan's boards with pedal images and text like "This board is called PEDALCHAN" (1:49:46 PM) wakabaka: Pedalchan was another name of tirech, as you might have guessed. (1:50:18 PM) wakabaka: EFG (0chan's admin) already began to ignore requests and do not give a fuck about nullch at all. (1:50:39 PM) wakabaka: (and mod was already banned then) (1:51:05 PM) wakabaka: The beginning of 2010? Can't think of anything really important/notable. (1:51:54 PM) wakabaka: Summer was full of schoolboys, autumn was relaxing a little. (1:53:36 PM) wakabaka: By the end of November, tirech's admin was deanonymized. He was found to be Sergei Gorelov. Bans, shutdown for a few hours, and then copypasta from him, titled "I'm tired, I'm leaving." (1:54:07 PM) wakabaka: Pedalique was famous for his copypastas known as pedalikopastas (pedalik + pasta). (1:54:19 PM) wakabaka: He couldn't write in russian properly. (1:54:21 PM) wakabaka: lol (1:54:50 PM) wakabaka: Well, he said he sold 2-ch.ru to someone else and won't longer be admin. (1:55:32 PM) wakabaka: That someone else started fulfilling users' requests, and banned the whole pedal brigade. (1:55:47 PM) wakabaka: Also banned dollfuckers, touhoufags and other "shit" from /b/. (1:55:55 PM) wakabaka: Where did they move to? (1:56:01 PM) wakabaka: Of course, nullchan! (1:56:12 PM) wakabaka: Welcome back, faggots! Here are some nigras for you. (1:56:44 PM) wakabaka: In early 2011, new 2-ch.ru's zoi, called Abu, bought a 2ch.so domain. (1:57:59 PM) wakabaka: He also advertised tirech on vk.com social network and even implemented vk's polls into tirech's pages. (1:58:49 PM) wakabaka: As the new domain had .so domain zone, the chan was nicknamed sosach (pronounced soh-such) (from сосать — to suck) (1:59:21 PM) wakabaka: And then it ended to be a chan, continuing as "vkontakte's application". (1:59:43 PM) wakabaka: Because it had nothing to be a True™ imageboard no more. (2:00:08 PM) dabeshu [~dabeshu@internet.is.the.life] entered the room. (2:00:08 PM) mode (+h dabeshu) by ChanServ (2:00:30 PM) wakabaka: Meanwhile, on nullchan: wipes, Official™ threads, some shit, some interesting shit, wipes, and all round. (2:01:19 PM) wakabaka: Soon after pedal brigade's banning, Hanyuufag (who wiped nullchan before) dropped the whole tirech's DB and images. (2:01:30 PM) wakabaka: Huge lulz, noone cares a month later. (2:02:20 PM) wakabaka: By the summer of 2011 nullchan started to deliver again: new epic memes, new orikon and shit. (2:02:24 PM) wakabaka: And new wipes. (2:03:17 PM) wakabaka: In the november, it was "The great November's pizdets" (pizdets — пиздец — total fucking collapse): efg disabled captcha in /b/ and wipes became 24/7. (2:03:50 PM) wakabaka: Then he managed to saw in a new captcha and wipes slowed down. (2:04:16 PM) wakabaka: The whole 2012 was a year of fucking nothing notable happened. (2:05:04 PM) wakabaka: Another summer, another party of new memes (on nullchan, 2ch.so was creatively dead already, and not an imageboard, also), new wipes, new captcha. (2:05:44 PM) wakabaka: Some winrarous discussions about the end of the world, some orikon, etc. (2:06:50 PM) wakabaka: Now it's march of 2013 and I am writing this shit here, relaxing from another 24/7 wipe which was happened until the day before yesterday. (2:07:10 PM) wakabaka: About alignment: no, nullchan is not an otaku-oriented imageboards. (2:08:21 PM) wakabaka: It was a geek board at first. If you see some animu pictures in /b/, their posters are not necessarily animufags and/or otakus. (2:09:06 PM) wakabaka: About iichan: the greatest thing about it is that it is moderated gently. (2:09:37 PM) wakabaka: When nullchan becomes offline, moderators becoming loyal to nullchers. (2:10:25 PM) wakabaka: When sosach falls (to fall == to become offline, russian slang), moderators decocoon their banhammers. (2:11:19 PM) wakabaka: Dobrochan now consists of Official™ threads a bit less, than completely. (2:11:36 PM) wakabaka: Erogame project, started in 2007, is not finished yet. (2:11:58 PM) wakabaka: IIchantra has two playable games, check out http://iichantra.ru (2:12:27 PM) wakabaka: Chancity project, started in late 2010, still has no playable demo. (2:13:06 PM) wakabaka: Radio «Anonymous» experienced death once, but moved to another domain and hosting. (2:14:04 PM) wakabaka: Noobtype, Good News and other ruboard news magazines display no signs of life. (2:14:20 PM) wakabaka: Nullchan made around 16 small games. (2:14:34 PM) wakabaka: Sosach is boiling in itself's shit. (2:14:44 PM) wakabaka: Many small imageboards died. (2:15:03 PM) wakabaka: Many new small imageboards have born, but noone gives a fuck about them. (2:15:31 PM) wakabaka: Excluding 2chru.net, another clone of 2ch.ru (you can look at original design and board set there). (2:15:44 PM) wakabaka: Russian *chans is a serious business. (2:15:47 PM) wakabaka: I came. (2:15:48 PM) wakabaka: Jkid: (2:17:23 PM) Jkid: how much you know 1chan.ru? (2:20:01 PM) antithesis [~anti@Rizon-61EEEBB1.ip.telfort.nl] entered the room. (2:20:47 PM) wakabaka: Jkid: okay, now about news resources. (2:20:57 PM) wakabaka: The first one was lenta-chan.ru (2:21:14 PM) wakabaka: It was created when the dvach was still alive. (2:22:24 PM) wakabaka: It covered popular/interesting threads, mostly from dvach. (2:22:40 PM) wakabaka: Then from nullchan and mentach, when 2ch died. (2:23:00 PM) wakabaka: Then from tirech, when it suddenly appeared. (2:23:20 PM) wakabaka: Also it had news about downtimes, new imgboards and so on. (2:23:37 PM) wakabaka: As of summer, 2009, no new news were approved. (2:23:44 PM) wakabaka: For long time. (2:24:09 PM) wakabaka: People thought lenta-kun was in army/dead. (2:24:47 PM) wakabaka: While lenta-chan was dying, somebody backed it up (probably with wget -r), someone else set up 1chan.ru (2:25:29 PM) wakabaka: It had Chio chichi image on the main page and a design, similar to lenta-chan.ru at 1chan.ru/news. (2:26:10 PM) wakabaka: Later, when lenta-chan.ru domain expired, someone else bought it and set up a new lenta-chan.ru, not that popular anymore. (2:27:21 PM) wakabaka: 1chan had a restyling (its nowadays style was made in late 2009 or so) and introduced a system when 12 votes got your news automatically approved to the main page. (2:27:41 PM) wakabaka: You can imagine what a russian user do when there are +/- buttons. (2:28:30 PM) wakabaka: It gathered quite shitty but funny community around itself. (2:28:45 PM) wakabaka: And stopped being a news resource. (2:29:56 PM) wakabaka: Administration (odin-kun (один-кун, or jlbyrey)) tried to make it what it was meant to be multiple times, variably successing. (2:30:46 PM) wakabaka: Its memes are local and not to be explained right now. (2:30:48 PM) wakabaka: Jkid: (2:31:11 PM) Jkid: yes (2:31:21 PM) wakabaka: Anything else? (2:31:34 PM) Jkid: No, this is pretty good (2:31:52 PM) Jkid: I'm interested in joining the society if you are able to (2:32:26 PM) antithesis: Isn't the society yours? (2:32:52 PM) wakabaka: Jkid: I have no name, no permanent nickname, no tripcode, no political alignment and no contact emails. (2:33:08 PM) antithesis: He's invisible (2:33:55 PM) Jkid: I mean i was asking you to join the society wakabaka if you can (2:34:08 PM) Jkid: not me i already own and operate it (2:34:20 PM) Jkid: You know a lot more about russian chan history than be (2:34:29 PM) wakabaka: What is needed to be done? (2:34:30 PM) Jkid: than me (2:34:46 PM) Jkid: A full document of the history of the russian chans (2:34:58 PM) Jkid: Like the one you explained to me (2:35:37 PM) Jkid: But it's going to be public and for a english audience who's only information of the russian chanspere is from a ED article (2:36:22 PM) wakabaka: That's gonna take time, and I am too lazy to work on it. (2:36:55 PM) Jkid: Take your time (2:36:57 PM) wakabaka: If you want me to have something explained/elaborated, I'm all yours. (2:36:59 PM) Jkid: I'm no rush (2:37:09 PM) wakabaka: But if you want an article, look for a copywriter. (2:37:26 PM) Jkid: Feel free to stay in the irc if you like (2:38:08 PM) wakabaka: There are too much things to cover, ruaib history since 2006 can be a 100-page book. (2:38:36 PM) wakabaka: Also I have almost no thread archives before 2009, and that's the trouble. (2:38:58 PM) wakabaka: Each thematical board has its own life, apart from /b/. (2:39:15 PM) Jkid: So we have the same problem with 4chan: There's simple too much history and information to cover in one article (2:39:25 PM) wakabaka: Megabytes of text, yes (2:39:46 PM) wakabaka: Jkid: http://1chan.ru/news/res/1827742/

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