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Yotsuba Society

A website devoted to documenting and preserving the history of the imageboard/*chan culture/scene.

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Yotsuba Society Staff

The following are the people behind Yotsuba Society, aka Team Yotsuba Society (Team YS).

Primary Administrators of Yotsuba Society

Ndubuisi “Jkid” Okeh (Jkid !yYT/u4PSNE)

Position: Co-Owner, Co-Founder, and Head Chanthropologist

A No Social Life King, Jkid entered the *chan scene mid-2008 with 4chan as “Anonymous of College Park, MD”and frequently visted /g/, /r9k/, /cgl/, and /n/. After establishing a known reputation in /cgl/ for about two years, he was outed by another tripfag as Jkid and subsequently adopted the username. He has plenty of knowledge of the site and the imageboard culture due to his years of lurking and manually archiving threads, not only from 4chan but from many other *chans. He’s currently dedicated to the preservation of the Western Imageboard Culture by all means because he feels that people take imageboards for granted.

Ottre (Ottre) Content Manager

A channer who spends most of his time on 2ch.so, which is Russia’s largest imageboard. (Yes, imageboards do exist in Russia). Not only his time in those imageboards taught him much about Russian imageboard culture, they taught him the importance of preserving *chan culture, as they were the first to archive their boards. He’s particularly interested in imageboards that are disappeared from the internet and international imageboards. He also spends time on 99chan’s /b/, and krautchan’s /int/.

YS Honorary Historians

Tanami “mr_vile” Browne (Mr. Vile !PRoGN.piPE)

An Australian textboard channeler. Currently assists Mohey Pori with the Overchan. He also runs a personal site called 9ch.in which contains the Overscript, a site listing the various anonymous forum scripts created over the years. Also an Administrator over at 4chon.org.

sparky4 (【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⑨ !FCr.DTJy2k!!/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi)

An internet and 4chan veteran since 2008. He’s a known trigfag of 4chan’s /g/ technology board. He currently posts on 2ch’s Chat in English thread as a resident tripfag. He has his own imageboard software known as yotsubanome and has his own imageboard site called Yotsubanome Channel located at called at http://4ch.irc.su/+4/. Loves Windows ME-tan.

Travis “NegiSpringfield” Westphall (Negi Springfield !aeNZeP7XP2)

Named after the male main character from the Negima metaseries after people started calling that he was pretending he was the actual Negi from the series.. He’s been a channer since 2006 on 4chan particularly on /a/ and /x/ boards, and is the currently the admin of Negichan. Known to post on Touho-chan, Otakutalk.org, and Tinychan.org

Lee (“Warsie”) McKinnis

His username is a term for a hardcore Star Wars Fan. Originally posted on gurochan in a limited variety in 2005 (linked from TOTSE), as well as a TOTSE.com forum user. Discovered 4chan from Googling the GNAA after watching ‘GayNiggers from Outer Space’, which lead to their wikipedia page when they had one, which externally linked to the EncyclopediaDramatica page and then the chans.

IsharaYar (IsharaYar)

A Japanese expat living in Europe, he’s currently a part of the Ayashii World community even after the original Ayashii World site was dead. He has extensive knowledge of the Ayashii World culture and structure and is interested in preserving it’s legacy.

YS Archivists


A channer with an interest in imageboards and Japanese culture for most of his teenage life. While a /b/tard at heart, he visits other 4chan boards such as /n/, /i/, and /an/. He’s also knowledgeable about about Futaba Channel, iichan, 420chan, megachan, 99chan, and booru-type imageboards. He routinely archives threads of interest on /b/ and he also has knowledge of copypasta ,memes and imageboard culture.

Grey (grey !C.MxxuCiTo) [RETIRED]

An originfag who started going to 4chan as a /b/tard since it’s beginnings in 2003. He habitually downloaded every image and thread of interest on /b/ since he first entered 4chan. He’s also a veteran of various raids since Habbo raid of 2006. In 2007, he transitioned away from 4chan to iichan, Tohno-chan, 99chan, Minichan, Junkuchan, Tinychan, and 789chan. He considers the *chan culture the biggest sociological event in recent history (that no one seems to appreciate or realize this fact), and hates to see the culture get destroyed and will do whatever it takes to preserve it. Currently owns and administers otakutalk.org.

YS General Staff

Colorado (Colorado !xwEs9bZgRk)

Colorado is a resident Britfag of 4chan’s /g/ technology board. Interested in Japanese net culture and general technology and a researcher on various Academic topics.

Importu “Important” Tsuki (Important)

Important is a lover of different chans since 2006, and is a frequent visitor of 4chan’s /x/, /v/, /ic/, /mu/, /a/ boards.


Antonizoon is the head archivist of the Bibliotheca Anonoma, and partners with the Yotsuba Society to collaborate on certain projects.

He created the new Yotsuba Society website using Static HTML Jekyll, replacing the rotting Drupal 7.x engine that it used to have.

YSChan Admins

Jkid, Warsie ,mr_vile, and Xantar are the primary administrators of the Yotsuba Society Boards. There are two other administrators of the Yotsuba Society Boards.

Zomjab (ZomZom !TroZomZom2)

A British channer and one of the many tripfags of 4chan’s /cgl/ board, he started channing in 2007 on a site called raidchan. He previously had a radio slot on raidchan’s internet radio station.