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A website devoted to documenting and preserving the history of the imageboard/*chan culture/scene.

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Since Early Summer of 2011, savetheinternet and his cyberyob crew “Leetchan” has been harassing me and Yotsuba Society almost the last two years. With him and along with leetchan, he has been doing a racially and ablest motivated hate campaign against me. The types of harassments including prank calls, spambombing of chans, zero-day hacks, defamation slam sites, irc harassment and flooding, and using a fake website (shotgunhost) to steal 72 GB of content of a potential fuuka archive for /cgl/.

Now a person who we will not name has tipped me off of the real identity of savetheinternet. Previous channers have doxed him in response to his persistent trolling. But it was later revealed that he continued, later realizing that the name revealed in those doxes “Michael Horowitz Foster” is actually an alias. However, the websites he linked us discovered that he is linked to this real name by this one sentence:

I’m loud, enthusiastic, creative and have been told I’m super easy to work with.</center> Yes, savetheinternet: The same person who runs 4chon.net, which is while admitly it’s a decent imageboard site, hosts not only an anti-Semitic board that has little to do with actual news discussion /new/ and is the root reason why (for some reason) causal anti-Semitism is acceptable at 4chan, but a hidden white nationalist board called the Anti-Zog Garden or /azg/. Savetheinternet: A persistent troll, has its own imageboard software (Tinyboard), and white nationalist is Michael Raffaele. An Australian who graduated from Victoria University who lives in Melbourne, Australia who is a Front End Developer and Web Designer, which makes a lot of sense how he made his own imageboard software. He makes a living as a freelance developer. Yotsuba Society is doing this as a public service for the chanverse and those aggrieved by his cyberyobbery, past and present. Government Name: Michael Raffaele Chanverse/internet nick: Savetheinternet http://au.linkedin.com/in/michaelraffaele http://codecanyon.net/user/Savetheinternet http://www.mraffaele.com/ https://twitter.com/m_raffaele Happy Holocaust Remembrance Week! Ndee "Jkid" Okeh YSJkid@gmail.com