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A website devoted to documenting and preserving the history of the imageboard/*chan culture/scene.

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A full briefing on the Russian Chanverse is forthcoming, so here’s a bit of a taste to what’s to come.

Introduction • Why it was formed? • Most media is effectively state-controlled, with the exception of Russia Today. • Much completely culture, more focused on anime and has an active meme culture. • Little information in English. Most of the information is in lurkmore.ru and dramatica.ua • Based on 4chan but it eventually evolved into it’s own chanverse. • There are five major chans: 2ch.hk is the largest primarily due to it’s legacy. • Very anal about archvial.

Brief History • 2ch.ru came first • Elitists, /b/tards, Animefags, and normals • Amount of people increased dramatically • Iichan.hk was for animefags and elitists founded 0chan • The amount of spam and cp and morons was so much that 2ch.ru creator killed it’s own site. Was reborn as 2-ch.ru • Imageboard war was commenced between 2-ch.ru and 0chan • Russians eventually stuck at krautchan’s int /int/ • “Due to some retarded laws, many sites were banned if some illegal content (pedo, terrorism, suicide) was found. It could’ve been even a single random image (they banned Google for several days, for fucks sake, they’re completely incompetent). So I think 2ch.so got banned too and they changed the domain.” (http://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/77888096/#q77890052)

Fun Facts • Bridge to Tabathia is very popular • A TO or “And Then!” is a forced meme around December 29 2009 (http://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/29136518/#q29136587) • The Oppressor

2ch.hk: (“Welcome back. Again.”) • General Subjects. Games. Japanese Culture. Adult. Test/Trial. Other • 2ch.hk (aka Sosach, Hikkach, Dvach.so, piratach, pratcham, tirech, dvatirech.) – Most visited mediaboard in the runet. • Begun to gain popularity in May 2009. Triech tried to position itself as a full replacement as ofl dvachu. • Most of Triech culture comes from and Dvach. • 2ch.hk already has their own numbering system for /vg/ like threads before 4chan created it’s own /vg/ board. • 2ch.hk is probably the most normalfag chan out there at this point. (http://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/77888096/#77889998)

2ch.ru • Based on 4chan and Futaba channel • Dvach was killed in 1-17-2009 • Mascost of 2ch – dvach-chan, slav chan, ussr chan, russinia onne same, and tokarev and lyric

Iichan.hk • Otaku oriented • International board • English menu • Discussions, Experiment, General, Anime, Adult, Miscellaneous • /b/ - Otaku Oriented

http://lulzne.ws http://410chan.org/ http://0chan.hk http://iichan.hk/ http://dobrochan.ru/ http://lenta-chan.ru/ http://overchan.ru/ http://dramatica.org.ua

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