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Since Late Spring of 2011 the Society and me personally has been harassed by a person that I knew since the Chris Beer spam incident. That person is savetheinternet, or by his full name “Michael Foster”, an Australian who owns and administers 4chon.net and the Datenode irc network. The sad truth is that he actually supported the Society’s goals and objectives. However at the same time he revealed his true colors in the past six months.

He has deliberately and respectively defaced YSchan and repeatedly vandalized the YS wiki. He sabotaged one of the Society’s archival projects resulting in the loss of 72GB of threads and images from one 4chan board, along with him getting my personal information through a server donation scam. In addition he has run a defamation campaign against me and the Society for about three months, and flooded our IRC channel with spam and garbage through various irc nicks. Not to mention he personally call me via Skype under the guise of his fake chan leetchan.org and while impersonating one of Yotsuba Society’s staff members.

However, this type of harassment and trolling actually started before our orderal with him. We were tipped off about savetheinternet’s antics before we were targeted. He managed to social his way into 314chan and lolzchan in order to deface them from the inside out. He’s also implicated in dozens of DDoS attacks against various websites and against one of my staff members. In addition, as a former IRCop of the n0v4 network, he was known for creating internet drama.

We have pictorial and chat log evidence of his antics and will be revealed on the YSwiki as we speak. If anyone is interested in exposing this persistent troll feel free to contact us or contribute to the YSwiki article regarding savetheinternet (http://www.yswiki.org/wiki/savetheinternet)

Co-Founder and Admin of Yotsuba Society Ndee “Jkid” Okeh (ysjkid@gmail.com)