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A website devoted to documenting and preserving the history of the imageboard/*chan culture/scene.

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It’s been a few months and already we are making progress with the site. Staff additions, a slow but knowing userbase on the YS boards (even if it’s only one post or two per week), the updating of the YSchan software, and the steady start of the YS Archives. It’s truly amazing that since I’ve posted my first article on Amezou World that the site became known to the imageboard community. The site was first launched as a imageboard because the front page, archive, and the wiki was not ready yet. But now we got all these pieces in place so we want to get started on actually developing the site as as soon as possible.

First, the Yotsuba Society site itself. We’ve already made three additions to the staff. We’ve already hired one archiver and three historians. One of our archivers is grey who owns the otakutalk bbs. The other additional staff members are historians, one of them is one of our first honorary historians who is known as named sparky4. Sparky4 runs the yotsubanome site which is an imageboard site of it’s own and is currently developing his own software with his free time. He’s also a big fan of Me-tan.

There are two other historians as well. The first one is a 4channer of /jp/, and knows the importance of preserving the chan culture. He’s also interested in imageboards are are dead or extinct, such as 5chan and Kuvalauta Also there is other historian which he is also a friend I met at another internet forum who is obsessed with the *chan culture for a long time and has moved to many chans during his time. Due to this obsession he has a plenty of knowledge of the imageboard culture, particularly 4chan. The open call for historians, archivers, and content for the YS site is still up. As a matter of fact, I’ve just changed the requirements for the Yotsuba Society Historians and you can see the application here: https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGJBVDRXVDVoYzVfQXJodmNZS2l5WGc6MQ

Second is the start of the YSarchives. I’ve finally uploaded threads from /b/, /c/,/g/, with select initial ones from /cgl/, /v/, and Kuvalauta. The great majority of the threads that are on the archives are threads that I have saved on 4chan and various sites beginning on 2008. While I will be uploading the threads as time permits, but you will see one new addition to the Archives at least once a week. In the future I want to add Google search onto the archives so you can search the archive. Also I want to find a way to integrate the pictures I’ve saved on the threads so when you click on a picture you will see the full size picture if we have it. As a matter of fact our next update will involve the 4chan /hr/and /v/ board threads from 2008.

Third and not least is the software upgrade of YSchan to 1.0. Many of the changes are the first step before making any real changes to the software. Some of the changes include requiring a subject before you create a thread, having teamYS staff members with custom capcodes and custom colors and having non YSchan staff members having their own capcodes as well, streamlining how moderators and staff post on YSchan and having our own global announcement system. There will be definitely future updates on YSchan. Including one major update that will revolutionize the imageboard forever. I can’t tell you, but it’s something big.

There are two major articles I’m currently working on for the Front page. First is a sort of a primer of the identity of Anonymous, that primer is called the Origins of Anonymous. This primer will focus on anonymous a s a channer, as a personification, and as a stand-alone complex. Many people in the mainstream only know it’s origins as a group of activists, but not as a average channer or personification.

The second article will be also a primer as well, but it’s long awaited. It involves 2channel, the second channel. It’s going to long and documented with many details that are not known to the public until now.

In addition, I want to do a major project on the YSwiki. The project is essentially the restoration of content from the old school wikichan before it was reduced to a shell of itself as it currently is today. All the content from wikichan will be the base of what the YSwiki will be. The ultimate goal of the YS wiki is simple, to be an accurate one-stop source of imageboard history and culture that channers, like you and me can create and edit. We want to include the history and culture of all the chan’s and the textboard channels that exist on the internet.

Then we have another major project called the 4chan Extended FAQ, or “Everything You Want to Know About 4chan but team4chan/moot neglects to tell you. Basically it’s a FAQ about everything that you want to know about 4chan. A FAQ that will not made by me, but by all the historians that Yotsuba Society has. Everything from the content of the site, moderation policies, 4chan’s software, history of the site, basically everything you wanted to know, but do not know until now. That’s all you need to know about our plans. You know where to contact if you need to: by email (YSJkid@gmail.com or

yotsubasocietycontact@gmail.com) or by IRC (#YotsubaSociety @ irc.rizon.net)

Ndee “Jkid” Okeh Co-Founder and Owner of Yotsuba Society