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A website devoted to documenting and preserving the history of the imageboard/*chan culture/scene.

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It’s been a long time since I made a news update. I think the last one was about June or July, I don’t know. But a lot of stuff has changed, good and bad. The Society has discovered a whole list of Japanese imageboards that no one in the Western World has heard of. We got raided a couple of times by an attention whore who actually runs a decent chan site. Got new staff and already made a decent show of work and skill. And yes, The Second Channel and Third Channel was finally published.

Regarding the front page I’ve finally published The Second Channel and Third Channel. I had to copy edit the articles myself since it was way overdue. It should have been published MONTHS ago, but due to circumstances beyond my control such as Ottre working on the YSwiki, and IRL responsibilities, it’s been on the back burner for that length of time. So I’ve informed the staff I will do the copy editing myself. Even though IshirarYar informed me that the two papers are good. Due to the fact that the papers are SO LONG, I decided to create PDF documents out of them. That way you can easily download them for a read. With that out of the way I can start our next project: The Complete 4chan Document.

The Complete 4chan Document is basically what the 4chan FAQ does not cover. Everything that you wondered about the site we will going to answer the best we can. I have a full archive of material to make the FAQ including threads, outside articles, and irc logs and text files to create it. This document will possibly change the face of the imageboard world entirely.

I’m also working on coverage on the Occupy Wall Street Movement and how it’s related to the chanverse online and offline. Despite the generalizations of OWS, it’s a complex issue with many points of view of channers, and mainstream folk. I also visited a Occupy DC camp to see what’s the fuss about it to take As for the YS Archives: I made a huge update on the 4chan section on the page, as not only I have uploaded threads I own and contributed from 2008-2010 but every thread I have on /r9k/ and /new/ from 2010-2011. I’m planning to expand the archives to other chans such as bunbunmaru, 4chon net, 7chan, iichan, 711chan, 420chan, 1chan, tohno-chan, and more. Also, Ottre has made a script that archives threads from chans with a typing of a simple words. Not only the thread but the images as well! It’s currently in beta mode, but we will be able to fully utilize it soon once we move to a new server this week.

As for the YS wiki, we got a new server for it. A 50GB server, more than enough for our wiki needs. Hopefully we will find a way to transfer the old content from the old wiki to the new wiki. Our new wiki site is located at www.yswiki.org. Hopefully we will be able to move the wiki.yotsubasociety subdomain to the new site and use the ural as a popular url.

As for the Yotsuba Society boards, not much changed. Except for a few board vandalism attacks and a internal hack attack. But I did added new boards on the suggestion on Zomjab. Primarly a cosplay board. Also I moved the conventions board to it’s own section. Also, I have a video board for you folks to post videos from Youtube.

I just got too much I have to cover, so I will have a new news update this week. Besides the easymodo archives just died, permanmently. So if you want to preserve your archives, donate to us.