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A website devoted to documenting and preserving the history of the imageboard/*chan culture/scene.

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Lurkmore.to or /lm/ was originally founded as a place for 2ch.ru culture and memes. Now it encompasses the broad runet subculture. This is in comparsion in Enccylopedia Dramatica’s focus on internet drama in the United States. More specifically in one of Lurkmore.to’s articles it’s a “Russian-language encyclopedia of folklore and subcultures. Serves as a guide to the concepts and terminology of Russian cultural life in all its manifestations” It’s userbase is over 50 million. /lm/ covers a broad range of topics such as the internet and IT, computer games, life, politics, history, culture, social life and many others. The site is characterize by generally informality, satirizing, free use to coarse language and sharp critizsm of shortcomings of internet pheonna of the runet.

More specifically on the use of mat or “мата” or coarse language: 1.We are not ashamed of mat 2.We are not proud of them. Gratutious mat be removed completely. 3.Not that’s it’s here alot

A large proportion of the slang used in Lurkmore articles is directly translated from English. Examples of slang mentioned in lurkmore.to “suddenly” (as in “suddenly, cats!”) is translated as «внезапно» “delivers” (as in “anonymous delivers!”) is translated as “доставляет.” Lurkmore.to has five “simple and sane” rules:

1.Everything for the lulz. 2.But facts come before the lulz. 3.Do not lie. 4.Be yourself. 5.The Creator of the Internets is always right. a.The Creator of the Internets can be translated as the “Founding fathers of the internet” b.In the context of 2ch.ru, the founding father can be mentioned mentioned as Zoi c.In reality: John Liklayder is the real founder of the internets

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