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“Lurk moar” is the standard phrase said to many a newfag in the chanverse who does not know ever a simplest or common chan meme or tradition. This phrase has been said many times, but what is not told of them is how to lurk more. Usually the person says that is to will reply in a kneejerkish way “just lurk more”. Since human beings expect other people to figure it out on their own since they’re lazy, we’re doing the job for them. First, the real question we should ask is: “What is the purpose of lurking more?”

The purpose of lurking more is for people to be familiar with the chan board they want to be part of the community before actually posting. With lurking they can be familiar with the various conventions, in-jokes/memes, traditions the board have to offer, and manners. In addition, it will allow the channer to see which threads are accepted and which ones are not accepted. In addition, the purpose of lurking more is for the newfag to gather resources of its own without having people to get it for him or her.

Each chanboard has its own culture and traditions. In some primary imageboards each board have its own traditions and culture with its general chan culture of the chan. In this case some chan boards are open and some are closed. Boards that are more open can be posted into with limited lurking. Boards that are semi-closed will have to result in more time in lurking to understand the subject and the general culture of the boards. Boards that have a closed culture can take a significant time to understand before posting, sometimes weeks.

It is to be said that 4chan’s /b/ under the reign of W.T. Snacks popularity a person would have to lurk for at least six months in order not to get hit with the mods random bans. That’s how closed /b/ was. This was the same length of time a new Toshiaki has to lurk in any of the Nijiura boards. To me it seems like those boards culture was closed so much that it might as well put up a sign that says “oldfags only.”

The 6 rule.

The real question we should be asking is how much we should lurk moar. I mean the initially lurking and such. Based on that Hantoshi-rom rule of Nijiura, we will be implementing the six rule. Six hours, Six days, 6 weeks. (Not related to 9 hours, 9 persons, 9 doors). Six hours for open boards, six days semi-closed boards, and six months for closed boards.

The second part of lurking more is simple. If you don’t know, don’t ask. And if you can’t figure it out, you have to search of it on your own. You’re expected to figure it out without asking for another channer on the boards.

How to actually lurk more

First, check out the front page and read every thread that is available. Make sure you pay attention to every post on the page. Take note of the pictures. It’s much easier doing so by using the “open new tab” to view each thread. Second, go the last page of a board and read every thread that is out there. Then go to each page of the board and read the threads there. Finally, do the same thing with each page until you reach the front page. At the same time, follow the threads you like until they expire or deleted.

Repeat until 6 hours, 6 days or 6 weeks. In that time, you would learn the intricies of each board’s culture and conventions that you can finally participate without being a clueless newfag.

Basically in short: Lurk, and if you still don’t understand or “get it”: lurk moar.

Ndee “Jkid” Okeh (YSJkid@gmail.com)