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A website devoted to documenting and preserving the history of the imageboard/*chan culture/scene.

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Imagine an America where the internet is history. When I mean history I mean like a time capsule. No more innovation, no more evolution, just dead. No more forums, no more freedom of information, no more true interaction. All dead because corporate media despite earning record amounts of profit and revenue want to control the internet the same way they did to radio, broadcast television, and cable/satellite television. An America without a true internet: Just television and radio, one way communications.

This series of images, created in manga form was posted in 4chan’s Anime and Manga board before the protest blackouts on January 18, 2011. Due to the popularity of this comic, it was reposted on /b/, /v/, and /cgl/ and was repeatedly reposted on /a/ over and over. This comic brought many emotions to those who saw the comic. Now this comic is being posted on the Front Page as a form of protest against these two destructive bills of Congress as these bills will effectively abolish user-created content and adopt internet censorship by the US Government by proxy on behalf of the corporate media and its gatekeepers.

<img src=”http://yotsubasociety.org/images/americawonet/1.jpg”align=”center” width=”360” height=”512”> <img src=”http://yotsubasociety.org/images/americawonet/2.jpg”align=”center” width=”360” height=”512”> <img src=”http://yotsubasociety.org/images/americawonet/3.jpg”align=”center” width=”360” height=”512”> <img src=”http://yotsubasociety.org/images/americawonet/4.jpg”align=”center” width=”360” height=”512”> <img src=”http://yotsubasociety.org/images/americawonet/5.jpg”align=”center” width=”360” height=”512”> <img src=”http://yotsubasociety.org/images/americawonet/6.jpg”align=”center” width=”360” height=”512”> <img src=”http://yotsubasociety.org/images/americawonet/7.jpg”align=”center” width=”360” height=”512”>

Ndee “Jkid” Okeh (YSJkid@gmail.com)