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1chan is an imageboard solely for one topic: Railroads. Railroads of all types: Locomotives, subways, trams, commuter rail, Steamers, foamers. It has a small dedicated community of tripfags, some of them are in the railway industry itself. The site is managed by “thatdog”, who is a Something Awful Forums Goon and is managed by moderators such as Kartma and t3h_fuhr3r (which is not related to the late German genocidal dictator Adolf Hitler).

It’s rare that you see an epic thread like this in a slow moving *chan, in particularly one about the Chinese Railways. While Onyxia or (his name in hanzi is 李翠) is obviously using Google Translate to communicate in English, , the pictures he posted tell a great deal of the Chinese railways in the past and present. Many of the trains featured in the two threads are old trains from before the 1980/1970s.

The numbers you see correspond to the post numbers on the threads.

1chan – “Some Chinese train pics” by Onyxia

Part I

96240 – Not even snow can stop a Chinese railways train. 96260 – TianChi has two purposes: Track inspection as a personal train for the Shenyang Railway Bureau secretary. It’s a modern looking train, compared to most of the pictures in the thread. 96290 – In china, the price of living is surprisingly low. A bus fare can cost you about 10 cents or 20 cents. This is due to the monthly wages which Onyxia will mention in part two of the photodump. 96315 - Apparently in this area, freight trains run frequently. 96318 - In China, we usually call this Loco “Electric monkey”(电猴子), look at this front face of the train, don’t this like a monkey’s face? lol~~ 96347 - er… This is “the locomotives mobile receiving apparatus terminal display”(机车移动接收装置终端显示器) of Ansteel railway –English Translation: Locomotive’s mobile monitor display. 96455 - English Translation: “Carrying flammable, explosive, and dangerous goods into the Station is prohibited.” 96472 - Trains are heavily used in mainland china, that there exist tickets that have no seat on them, meaning that if you can’t find a seat in the train you can ride standing up.

Part II No.96580 – Most Chinese trains do not have electronic signs showing where the train’s ultimate destination. Instead they use plastic signs displaying the train’s original departure point and the train’s ultimate destination. Only the most modern trains have electronic signs. 96586 and 96587 - Despite mutual hatred between the Communist Party of China and the Japanese Government over the Nanjing Massacre and the Japanese occupation, the Chinese people love Japanese anime, and cosplaying as their favoriate characters. 96655 – China has trams?! 96803 and 96804 – The tank-man image was from the infamous Tieamen Square massacre in 1989, where Chinese “People’s” Central Government (which is controlled by the “Communist” Party of China) ordered the military (People’s Liberation Army) to disperse peaceful protestors from the square using lethal force. Despite the existence of the event, the picture has nothing to do with trains. 96888 – The wages are relatively low in China due to the cheap cost of living for housing, utilities, and food.

Archived threads can be viewed here: Part I - http://archives.yotsubasociety.org/threads/1chan/Chinese%20Railfan/96226/96226.htm Part II - http://archives.yotsubasociety.org/threads/1chan/Chinese%20Railfan/96567/96567.htm

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