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It is with sadness that the Yotsuba Society Archives is closed and will remain closed for the long-term foreseeable future. On 8/29/2013 we were given a notice from Dreamhost that I have 48 hours to remove the entire archives of the site or they will terminate the entire account hosting the site. It was an immediate ultimatum, no opportunity to negotiate or to do anything. Sadly, while they have an unlimited policy, the have a provision against any archives for any reason. It took me days to delete the entire archives which it took me previously an entire week to upload on Late 2012.

The reason that triggered the takedown the archives is an internal matter and I’m not in a position to disclose this because I’m still being stalked and monitored by internet cyberyobs who will use any opening to make my living situation worse. And I was on the verge of actually updating the archives after spending days on uploading material from late 2012 to 2013. It would be completely expanded with a full front page and all. But for the foreseeable future and with the fact that Yotsuba Society is permanently understaffed, it will never happen.

It would not matter anyway, as routine archiving as ceased months ago. Throughout the years of maintaining the archives: Other sites have stepped up to archive portions of the 4chan boards while I slowly phased out routine archival: Foolz, Rebecca Black Tech, Warosu, NyaFuu, Installgentoo, and Heinessen. They’ve been doing a better job than me. I was planning to inform them that I run a manually run archive site, but no it’s impossible now.

For those of you wonder where the files are: A copy was made weeks before the uploads were done as a insurance policy just in case something like this happens.

Besides I’m at an important crossroads that sadly I may not be able to cross. I have to concentrate on getting a decent job and moving out of my parents before the end of the year. Otherwise everything I enjoy will be taken away from me, and the only entertainment I will be “allowed” is watching television. Not to mention I’m still recovering from major depression which I will never completely recover in the current economic and political environment. And I feel like I have too much shit on my mind to deal with archival of imageboards.

That’s all that I want to say for now. Basically, with all the bullshit I have to put up with just recently, I’m so done with archiving 4chan for a long time.

Owner and Webmaster of Yotsuba Society Ndee “Jkid” Okeh (YSJkid@gmail.com)