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On February 20th, the day after the Katsucon convention, a person and head archvist by the name of Antonizoon sent me an email about Bibliotheca Anonoma, a website that is working to archive all the best content from the general internet along with its history and in jokes into a Gollum/Git-based wiki you can clone onto a usb drive or easily make a mirror of. It’s featured here: https://github.com/bibanon/bibanon/wiki

There was another subject of the email he sent me: It’s about Nurse-Kun.

He sent me a link about a discovery he made: a rar. File about every single thread that Nurse-Kun made, full resolution scans of some new pictures, along with a huge treasure trove of other cool copypasta from the old Wikichan. Believe it or not it’s the only copy of its existence due its original source of the file, Megaupload, was closed down by the US Federal Government.

I’ve downloaded it, and now it’s available in the Special Collection of the Yotsuba Society Archives: http://archives.yotsubasociety.org/4chan/specialcollection/Wikichan-Damaged-Goods-Archive.7z