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A website devoted to documenting and preserving the history of the imageboard/*chan culture/scene.

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It’s a long time since I’ve made a new update. I’ve been through a lot of shit lately with school and family. But I still have not forgotten about the website. The IRC still there, and I get the occasional email from a fan or a oldfag who approaches what I do. Even though this site has been in hibernation since we were forced to move out of our shared server and into a new server where I have to upload everything. Sadly due to a fault due to a rush of resources the front page is not available for viewing until now. The only thing that was still constant in this crap was the archives section of Yotsuba Society.

But for the good news: We have received a package that has serious implications for the chanverse. I can tell you mostly about the package now: It mostly contains behind the scenes information of team 4chan. The janitor code programs, and backend for reports. Including most of the /j/ content from the boards. Last and not least but more hidden are the names of the janitors and mods since the /j/ board have been founded. We have already found out about the names; you’ll just have to look for them in the package: Which we actually have here: http://archives.yotsubasociety.org/4chan/4chanspecialcollection/admin.7z

Finally with the /q/ board we have seen a lot of shit that have been hidden from out of the survace now in public. Making issues known to the public for YEARS about 4chan: Lack of mods, ironic shitposting, inconsistent moderation, and all sorts of stuff. But there was a ton of good shit as well, including one massive history thread of 4chan with news stuff never heard off. (And moot’s sudden care about his news section of the site.)

Also in light of the soc board being closed down due to spam I’m thinking about recreating YSchan from scratch. But that will not happen anytime soon as we have demand. Since we have not done anything much in 2012 due to bullshit out of our control, we have to double time it for 2013.

P.S. We do have one big paper coming soon and it’s about The Reddit. Or The Reddit Paranoia. Also, 1chan.ru

Ndee “Jkid” Okeh YSJkid@gmail.com