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Yesterday marks a milestone for the Yotsuba Society Archives. That milestone is that all the 4chan threads I have uploaded on the archives are now viewable. You may notice that the titling of the threads are not completed yet, but that’s fine. The immediate goal of the archives is to get them listed and viewable. That way I can go through the backlog of threads that were sent to me by the various Historians and Archivers, Yotsuba Society currently has.

The great majority of the threads you see on the archives came from my personal collection of 4chan threads dating back from 2008. This includes the lost board of /con/ - Conventions , plus the recently dead board /r9k/ - ROBOT9000. We also have a special collection section of the Archives where we have threads and images that are of special historical or cultural significance. And starting today, I will create a recent additions section to the archives where anything we add will be featured for viewing at that section and at the section of the archives that are added to.

My work isn’t done yet, after I go through the small backlog of submissions. I will be begin uploading and listing the 2009 4chan threads AND threads from the various imageboards that exist on the internet at the time. Also coming soon, a way to view the pictures I and the other staff of YS have (when available) for each thread that is available in the Archives. The goal of the Archives is to give a snapshot of the history and culture of the imageboards that exist on the internet.

That said, enjoy looking through history. The Archives are going to grow and grow at this point.

Ndee “Jkid” Okeh Head Chanthropologist, Co-Owner and Co-Founder for Yotsuba Society