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1/26/2012 The Society for the Study and Preservation of Yotsuba Channel

Yotsuba Society is pleased to release archives of four Western Imageboard websites which were collected from 2010 to 2011. Some of the threads date back from 2009, and for all intents and purposes rare and hard to find. The boards range from railway discussion to anime/general otaku subjects to general random discussion. The boards that the archives have to offer are as follows:

1chan: run by thatdog!uOLTi2v.uk – A dedicated imageboard for railfans of all kinds. Home of the F40PH meme and other train related content. It’s currently part of the iichan network of imageboards.

Tohno-chan: run by Tohno. A imageboard for NEETs and socially isolated people. Often contains and threads about social isolation and the like. In addition, it’s an otaku-niche website

Bunbunmaru: A otaku-oriented imageboard based on 4chan’s /jp/ One of the few boards that have forced anonymity. The threads we have of Bunbunmaru General section of the archives are the few we have before that portion of the board was wiped accidently during a imageboard software update.

4chon.net: The home for those displaced by the close down of 4chan’s /new/ and /r9k/ on Jan 17th 2011. It’s also of particular interest to those interested in internet racism, xenophobia, and anti-Semitism on the internet and in particular in imageboards with /new/. In addition,n there is interesting small community that will be interested in /v/ and /r9k/ for studying about anonymous internet communities.

In addition we the complete collection of 4chan related video threads ranging from the Otakon panel videos from 2005 to 2007 and the various panels and talks that 4chan’s founder ‘moot’ made in recent years. It’s available to directly download from the Special Collections section of the 4chan section of the Yotsuba Society Archives.

For more information about these archives or any other questions and inquires please contact Yotsuba Society at yotsubasocietycontact@gmail.com

About Yotsuba Society: Yotsuba Society of by its full name – The Society for the Study and Preservation of Yotsuba Channel is a website and electronic society for the study, research, and preservation of the chan scene (known as the chanverse) and the chan culture such as 4chan, 420chan, Futaba Channel, and 2channel. The site has its own front page (www.yotsubasociety.org), a wiki (www.yswiki.org), a dedicated archives portion (http://archives.yotsubasociety.org), and its own imageboards. The site is administered and co-founded by Ndee “Jkid” Okeh and Patrick “Xantar” Mckee.