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On 5/15/2013 an anonymous person on IRC contacted me regarding a little project he was running. The project consisted of two initial documents related to 4chan. The first document called 4chan-summary and the second one is called 4chan – early days.

The first document is a summary of 4chan’s history adapting from an existing summary on Bibliotheca Anonoma by my friend which I will call bibanon. It’s a mixed and revamped 4chan timeline that was originally from the old Wikichans and by me personally from Yotsuba Society. A smaller timeline about the known dates of all board additions, and a list of known current and former staff members, more than I ever known in the history of the site and my experience on 4chan.

The timeline itself is divided into the wiki-based timeline and the interactive summary. The latter is strictly focused on 4chan and /b/. The former while based on my research and discovery but it’s revamped and extended and practically fulfills the ‘Complete’ of the “Complete History of 4chan” after many of YEARS being out of date The second article is a detailed history of 4chan’s early years. From the something awful years to the drama filled years of world2ch.

Both files will be hosted on Yotsuba Society today.

Here they are 4chan Summary - https://mega.co.nz/#!SEdHibZA!OkAoTCFhsQsuPip2MVYtX2gXsyAdhQgcZa6DXwuiNQs 4chan Early Days - https://mega.co.nz/#!XB1VxSrK!aWyhmECQrCzbJMQGkUKd4QD7ad00oQ8Kio99OZUe5RE

Second thing I want to discuss with is that after 18 months of work, IsharaYar’s translation on Futaba Channel Wikipedia article is complete. It’s a full translation of Futaba channel that is not available on the English Wikipedia and will never be available due to different policies on verifiable material on the different language versions. It will take me sometime to do some spell checking, but once done I can finally post it on the website.

Ndee “Jkid” Okeh YSJkid@gmail.com