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4chan /g/ - tuesday is backup day Anonymous 01/22/13(Tue)11:11 No.30914910 For anyone who owns a computer, even a netbook, it’s a no brainer to do regular backups. Even a simple online backup solution for small files such as dropbox is much better than simply putting your trust in one day. All technology is fragile, and can break at anytime. For those who are power users, they don’t need a reminder they’re too busy doing other important stuff (like schoolwork or finding a job.)

The original post just a little reminder for those who forgot: today is backup-day. do your backup now! no, raid does not protect your data sufficiently. no, nobody will help you with your faulty hdd if you don’t backup your files. no, you can afford an external hdd. RAID only helps you in mechanical failures, and there’s only one type of RAID that is actually useful if one of the drives in the two hard drives become malfunctioning. If your hard drive fails, there are many software solutions that can help save your data from the jaws of digital oblivion. But the best solution is a external hard disc drive and a online backup solution.

  1. ezykiel !pGnpJQ1uSI 01/22/13(Tue)11:17 No.30915009Replies: »30915101 »30915279 now that my external fried and took all my photos with it i don’t have anything i give a big enough fuck about sure, if i lose all of my films, games and music it’s a bit annoying but i can always get it back Photos are enough to give a fuck about because they capture one-time moments. These one-time moments are things that you may not experience ever gain. Films, games, and music are more or less replaceable due to the fact that iTunes and Google Music store your music and media in the cloud so just in case you lose your media, you can easily download it again.

  2. Anonymous 01/22/13(Tue)11:58 No.30915826Replies: »30915907 »30916203 »30916405  »30915725 Makes a better answer then »30915623. Ye I heared that quite a lot that the standard RAID controllers were shit. Reminders are needed on every corner of every street if you want to stop noob users from thinking nothing can happen to their data. On a related topic: The companies that are into major data recovery they chagre 1000+ euros to recover a broken harddisk. Is it because they got a monopoly position or cause it is really that hard to recover one. Not because of a monopoly position or it is that difficult to recover a hard drive. It’s because they have special technology and equipment to recover your hard drive from most types of failures, even ones that are hardware failures, or little known software failures. That’s why it sometimes cost your over 1,000 dollars to recover your hard drive.

  3. Streetguru !!y8T9eVFO3y6 01/22/13(Tue)12:26 No.30916380Replies: »30916432 »30916435

    30916203 Recovering data can be difficult. Anybody can plug in a HDD to another computer and extract data from it. Or you can put the drive into an enclosure and plug it in and try it that way. Depending on the damage (if any) there’s also methods such as putting the drive in a freezer to realign the 1’s and 0’s back into place to read from them. Or in a severe case if you have the kit, open the drive enclosure up, take out the platters, and put them in another drive enclosure of identical model and firmware, then try get the information off of it. This method requires a clean room and tools to make sure the screws are at the right torque and such. Then of course there’s looking at the data bit by bit (literally) and build together file headers and scrape together any speck of what could have been a file, and try to extract it out. So yeah, it can be expensive, and requires a skill for more advance ways. The first two can be easily done by a layman. The freezer trick rarely works and in the long-run can damage your platters of the hard drive due to the condensation of the water from the freezer. The last two has to be done by a professional hard drive recovery expert like Kroll OnTrack. </i>

  4. Anonymous 01/22/13(Tue)12:27 No.30916405Replies: »30916555

    30915826 data recovery isn’t hard 90% of the time most schmucks just mess up their boot partition or OS, and all you need to do is rebuild the boot partition by booting from a dvd or hooking it up to another pc most of the time you can just run software to recover data, chances are people aren’t deleting things with passes or doing full reformats often times a PCB swap does the trick sometimes it’s just a firmware flash the only skilled practice would be a platter swap, that’s the only cost justifiable recovery. You need a clean room and to not fuck shit up. There were a million threads a while back about some guy who did a ghetto platter swap successfully, though.</i>

  5. Anonymous 01/22/13(Tue)12:34 No.30916544Replies: »30916646

    30916387 Only in extreme cases are those expensive services needed. Like others have said most of the time there something that can be done about it. Take a look at OnTrak http://www.krollontrack.com/data-recovery/

They recovered data off a hard drive that was in a crashed space shuttle and on fire at one point. Extreme shit like that is when it cost several thousand. Otherwise joe desktop user has other options without resorting to the pros.</i>

Kroll Ontrack is one of the best hard drive specialists in the world. They might cost you about $1,500, but you do get a new external hard drive as an archive while you get a new hard drive to copy the data.

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