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It’s been a while since I uploaded a large batch of 4chan threads to the Yotsuba Society Archives. The first batch of threads was from my collection of 4chan threads I’ve saved in 2008. With a few exceptions they’ve been exclusively 4chan related. The first batch was fine to upload with me myself doing the basic html work, but it took me about three or two weeks to get the files public because I had to do them by hand one html line at a time. Uploading the files are easy, but the main issue is creating the html links.

That was the problem that kept the 2009 4chan threads I have from being released to the public, wasn’t there a faster way? Well I asked the Tanami and frank_usrs, both Honorary Members of Team Yotsuba Society, at #YotsubaSociety on rizon about it and there was an easier and automatic way: A perl script. This perl script that made my life easier that was created by frank_usrs basically almost automated the creation of html (and other file extension) links and individual images to the Archives. But not only that, it will make automating creation of some image galleries and some html files for the front page a lot easier for me.

It took me about an some hours to understand to use the perl script via Windows Command Prompt, but I finally managed to (accidently) create a file, text, and html versions.

However, let me talk to you about the actual batch of threads that was made public yesterday night. This batch includes 4chan threads I had for 2009 which includes of one thread I had from /e/ and, /sp/, and /s/ respectively. However, I do have plenty of threads for each board. The largest of my collection are the /g/, /v/, /cgl/, and, /r9k/ threads. In addition on Ottre’s request I’ve opened a section for krautchan (for r/4chan on reddit), auschan, britfags, and newfapchan.

The next batch of files, which by the time you read this will be my remaining collection from 4chan’s /new/ board from 2010 to 2011 and the remaining threads from /r9k/ from 2010 to 2011. After this point I’m going to focus on the other *chans to be on the archives including old threads already on my personal archives.

The next obvious step with this script is that I can finally include pictures in the Archives. However the only possible way for images to be viewed is to manually point the mouse to the image in a particular thread and find the file by punching the numbers in on a separate web screen. However we currently do not have space for the entire collection of images to be hosted on the Archives until we move to our new server, which will hopefully be soon.

If you really care about preserving imageboard history such as displaying these old threads to the public please donate to our Society. We like to be here in the long haul.