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4chan /v/ - Computer games keep me mentally active Anonymous 01/21/13(Mon)15:32 No.172521805

It’s very rare that a senior citizen (or a pensioner in the UK) can play video games. Usually we see video games as a entertainment choice for the younger generation or for kids. But it’s pretty amazing that this old lady can play video games not only for entertainment, but to keep her mind active. But it was not the fact that she was a senior citizen playing a game, it was modern games like Grand Theft Auto 4, modern Japanese style games like the Disgaea series (despite the fact that it involves demonic characters, I’m surprised this old lady did not got offended.)


1. Anonymous 01/21/13(Mon)15:34 No.172521959 Replies: »172522105 »172522497 »172522582 »172526792

172521898 Because she actually plays games, not just talks about them</i>

The Vidya is a 4chan board that has plenty of video gamers. But many cases they tend to enjoy talking about video games instead of playing them. Which makes a lot of sense when you see that it’s one of the most visited boards on 4chan.

2. Anonymous 01/21/13(Mon)15:50 No.172524079 That part with her talking about the plot of Disgaea made me laugh.

The didn’t edit that part in very well so it seemed out of the blue.

Grandma playing video games I guess that’s pretty rare, there’s that one grandma who waited for the localization of Dragon Quest 5- Disgaea 4 wait, what the fuck i can’t for the life of me imagine an old woman playing a game with an artstyle and humor like that</i>

Well, guess what. You just did.

3. Anonymous 01/21/13(Mon)16:07 No.172526396Replies: »172527917 Yes, I’m an granny AND I play games. NO, you can’t have my pension!.

If you want to play with me:

  1. Don’t treat me differently than any other gamer, just because I’m one foot in the grave doesn’t mean I’m special, but compliments are always nice :>

  2. No jokes please! I know you probably don’t mean anything by it but when I get nervous I tend to stroke suddenly. hehe~

  3. Don’t add me without permission! I know you don’t get out much and grannys seem like a rarity to you, but I have too many grandchildren as it is!

Oh, and don’t hit on me you silly boomers! <3 </i>

Clearly this was a parody of girl gamers that /v/ tends to hate. Primarily because they keep showing off the fact that they do play games. Showing off and actually mentioning you play video games is a clear difference people.</i>

Archived thread link here: http://archives.yotsubasociety.org/threads/4chan/v/v%20%20-%20Computer%20games%20keep%20me%20mentally%20active.htm

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