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Link1: [Original Link Removed, one of the images contains a trojan program, please download the mirror version instead] Mirror #1: Part One: https://mega.nz/#!XN02XSDS!kM3CideAKyToEGIszmoCfaz5Rb-5ZKvZkhofvuPVQS0 Part Two: https://mega.nz/#!uBFwkaZa!WvBhnYpgan7EKAdXmcZXmoCzmm7Gy80NvzoPtkx40r0 Part Three: https://mega.nz/#!6ZtGnbJI!_3z_Alsge1ismDgn8eOJLvaZG87xNCn51Y-zzN0Rdkk

Everyone interested in 4chan’s meme-based culture should download this .rar file.

It contains a collection of classic 4chan memes from 2004 to 2007. Missing are the memes that were forced, unfunny or only made sense to a small group of people who were posting in the thread that started off the meme. The owner of the collection is unknown to us but he clearly knew what is and what isn’t worth saving. The collection was uploaded in early 2010. Given that many 4channers are intrigued by “old memes” and the collection was uploaded over a year ago, you would think a lot of them would know about the collection and have downloaded it by now. For whatever reason this has not happened, most people are unaware of its existence. Yotsuba Society is proud to promote awareness of the collection and offer these mirror links in the hope that it is always available for people to download.

The collection contains a number of classic memes that have been forgotten: - Soulmongler, the evil twin of Cockmongler. Hasn’t been posted in years. Doing a google search for “Soulmongler” returns a handful of results, none of which explains the origins of the meme. - WRYYYYYYYY, a meme which is still posted from time to time but isn’t used correctly, as an expression of anger.

Not included are the various memes that people have tried to force; plain unfunny memes such as the “slowpoke”, which has been around since 2004 and annoying people from day one; and memes that make no sense without the context of having been present on /b/ when they started, such as the “A Master Is Out” meme, a picture of a dog looking out from behind a door that is not funny in itself. It is missing some of the more obscure classic memes such as “harbl” .

A screenshot of the collection, showing the different folders, has appeared on 4chan since October 2008 and was used to troll new 4channers who think they know a lot about the site but have never seen these memes before. When posting the screenshot, the owner of the collection would hint that he got most of the images from the 4chanarchive.org archive site. In fact only a handful of them are available on this site. He would promise to upload the collection if enough people asked him for it, but would never deliver on this promise. However in March 2010, tired of playing this game, the owner put the collection into a .rar file and at long last uploaded it to megaupload.com.

The identity of the owner is unknown. Because he posts as Anonymous, filenames are the only means we have of identifying him. However he doesn’t use any kind of naming system; he keeps the unix timestamp that 4chan assigns to each image that gets uploaded. He obviously spent most of his time on /b/ as he has saved a number of George Zimmer ‘shops that only a /b/tard would consider worth saving. It is interesting to note he has recently added the “Green Oval” folder to his collection. When a screenshot of the collection was first posted, in 2008, it did not contain this folder. Green Oval is a /tv/-specific meme with mysterious origins that is rarely posted on other boards, so we can assume the owner browses /tv/.