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Yotsuba Society

A website devoted to documenting and preserving the history of the imageboard/*chan culture/scene.

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Send your old stuff to us

Yotsuba Society is there for the study and preservation of the Western imageboard culture. How are we not a society if we don’t have old stuff to preserve for future generations? Anyway if you have any of the following from 4chan or any other imageboard or textboard like:

  • Any and all saved threads and images
  • IRC chatlogs from any imageboards/textboard channel
  • Legendary, historic or notable, pictures and/or screencaps
  • Any other notable material if related to the culture.

In particular, we are looking for material, images, and threads that dates back between October 2003 to late 2007 from boards other than /b/.

Send them to yotsubasocietycontact [at] gmail.com Please send any thread and picture packages as zip files, and please do not send us any threads that contain material that is illegal under US Federal or State law such as child porn, bestiality, or jailbait.