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A website devoted to documenting and preserving the history of the imageboard/*chan culture/scene.

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Links and Resources

Under Construction: Somelinks are dead. This is taken from the formerly active chansoft website

Browser addons, extensions, and userscripts.

4chan X, a userscript for that makes various tasks easier and faster, like dumping directories of images, reporting posts, hiding threads, in-page image loading, ect. It also watches threads for new bumps and is very light on your system. Since it’s a script you can tweak it however you want. People have also talked about re-writing it to work with sites other than 4chan. My personal favourite. But you can find more userscripts for 4chan here.
4chan Firefox Addon, pretty much does what 4chan X does but is a bit heavier and has a right-click menu that lets you navigate 4chans boards.
4chan Chrome Addon, same thing as the 4chan Firefox Extension but for SRWare Iron and Google Chrome.

Other useful software and tools, both to install on your computer, or run from the web.

Wishmaster, a whole browser used exclusively for the browsing of channel sites and it tailored for speed and power users.
Tripcode Explorer, a site that contains multiple programs to find words or patterns in tripcodes, or make custom tripcodes. Some of it is even web-based.
2ch English Portal, a site that lets you browse 2 Channel boards in English.
2chan English Portal, a site that lets you browse Fatuba Channel boards in English.
text-overchan, a directory of all textboards, by the board itself. (Not the front page of the site.)
The Overchan, a directory of all imageboard chans. It brings the front page of the chan. (Not the board itself.)
Site weblog
4chan, TEH RINGTONE!!!1!

So you’ve gotten sick of 4chan and want some real chans to browse? Read on.

7chan, 4chan replacement.
99chan, 4chan replacement with more boards.
420chan, a chan for stoners.
Tohno-chan, a chan for NEETs and Otaku.
Wakachan, imageboards and textboards for everything. Really good.
OtakuTalk, an imageboard for mobile devices.
Operatorchan, guns, weapons, and survival.
789chan, all things tech. Robotics to code to hacking.
Channel4, 2channel of the West.
Megachan, a SFW chan for Cyberpunks.
2ch.so, the 2channel of Russia.
Mikuchan, a classy vocaloid community.
10Channel, breaking down the language barrier between East and West.

Do you want to learn more about Chan culture and history? Read on.

Chan Archive, formerly 4chan Archive, a site that archives good threads from 4chan. And possibly others in the days to come.
The Yotsuba Society, a organisation that works to preserve Chan culture.
Encylopedia Dramatica, born again!
The Society for the Study of Modern Image Board Culture , a text board that studies channel culture.
The 4chan Archive, a live 4chan archival site. (Not to be confused with the first site in this list.)
Tanasinn.info, a wiki of VIP QUALITY.
Everything Shii Knows: Internet, a wiki of made by a former 4chan moderator that contains a lot of information about the early years of the Western chans. plus some information about 2channel!
Everything Anon Knows, a wiki maintained by the administrator of iiChan. Has some information on setting up Wakaba and Kareha plus other interesting things.
AAchan, a database where people upload Japanese SJIS text art often found on 2Channel. Or as most people simply call it, “AA.”

**4chan automatic archivers **
Chanarchive - The original archive for 4chan.
Cliché - archives /e/.
Heinessen - archives /an/, /fit/, /k/, /mlp/, /r9k/, /toy/, and /x/.
Installgentoo - archives /diy/, /g/, and /sci/.
NyaFuu - archives /c/ and /w/.
Rebecca Black Tech - archives /cgl/, /g/, /mu/, /soc/, and /w/.
TDC - archives /c/, /int/, and /po/.
Warosu - /cgl/, /ck/, /jp/, /lit/, /q/ and /tg/.